Architecture Exhibition Summer 2014

June 21–September 14, 2014

Lake Effect

Installation view of LAKE EFFECT. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

LAKE EFFECT: Architects Respond to our Access to Water

North Design Office

Public Work

Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect

With a visual arts installation by Labspace Studio

Curated by Patrick Macaulay


We have a unique opportunity in 21st-century Toronto to truly define our urban connection to the natural beauty and benefit of the waterfront of Lake Ontario. The lake has always played a major role in Toronto; it determined how the city was established and how it developed.

With the departure of large-scale lake-adjacent industries, all that remains are the empty husks of infrastructures—ghosts of Toronto’s past. The debate is ongoing about how best to revitalize our waterfront. Of the many imperative matters at stake is the issue of public access to the water’s edge.

Lake Effect explores the issue of access to Lake Ontario, while considering the larger debate about all rights of access to coastal waters, lakes and waterways throughout our country. With the growing number of large-scale developments being built at a staggering rate along the waterfront, there needs to be a long-range vision and commitment to public access to shorelines. It is becoming more difficult to experience and savor this cherished destination. Developers and the City have an obligation to approach conciliation between urban development and dedicated public right of access if everyone is to enjoy the Lake Effect.

– Patrick Macaulay, Director, Visual Arts, Harbourfront Centre