Installation detail of EBB AND F L O W. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.


Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect with Linda Dervishaj and LeuWebb Projects.

June 21–September 14, 2014



Waterfronts are exchanges of movement and experiences. Water touches land. People touch water. Water flushes through our bodies. Water is a carrier of floating goods, floating waste, floating bodies; of people on water escaping from a place or adventuring toward one. Coming and going. Ebb and Flow.

We are drawn to water where activity is richly concentrated and held captive along an edge. Hard edge or soft, we move toward and with the crowds — back and forth — drawn to embrace the public spectacle of the urban waterfront.

Taking a moment, we sense an exchange of private space as we cross a threshold where the perception of activity and noise fades. Then we are immersed. We close our eyes. Smell. Listen. Touch. We feel the soil is damp. We see the plants are submerged. We hear small creatures.

Moving between public and private … we get wet, we go inside.

Ebb and Flow.




Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect /VTLA designs spaces informed and inspired by context, ecology, community engagement and social and horticultural possibilities. VTLA brings over two decades of experience and interests in master planning, custom furnishing, urban agriculture and children’s garden design, as well as a strong horticultural knowledge, to a wide range of clients and landscapes. Taylor explores new dialogue about landscape design through temporary exhibition design, video, photography, teaching and curatorial work.

LeuWebb Projects engages people with both the tangible and the ephemeral through sound installations in public spaces. Christine Leu and Alan Webb live and work in Toronto, allowing them to learn from the city’s varied narratives, and incorporate these lessons into their diverse body of work.

Linda Dervishaj’s work ranges from temporary installations to architecture and urban design. Her projects explore scale, form, colour and texture as a response to their surrounding environment, constantly shifting focus between small details and broad visions. She lives and works in Toronto.

Project Team: Victoria Taylor, Linda Dervishaj, LeuWebb Projects

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