Installation view of My Lake. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

My Lake

North Design Office

June 21–September 14, 2014



My Lake envelops visitors in the iconic scenes of Ontario’s lakes, providing each visitor with a very private lake experience. Even in scenes where human encounters would typically occur, the lake imagery is strangely vacant of human activity. The concept of a personal lake renders the private experience exponentially pertinent, encouraging visitors to consider the increasing privatization of Ontario’s lakes.


North Design Office is a professional landscape architecture practice based in Toronto. Their work ranges in scale from site-specific installations and public spaces to urban and regional master plans that emphasize landscape architecture. A unique design strategy is created for each project, founded on an intensive exploration of site, context and program as the mechanism for transformation. They are committed to creating thoughtfully designed spaces to generate vibrant and resilient communities and environments.

Project Team: Alissa North (Partner), Pete North (Partner), assisted by Grace Yang

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