Jared Last & Kaley Flowers. 'In still life', 2018. Glass. Photo by Kaley Flowers.

In still life

Kaley Flowers & Jared Last

January 18 – June 2, 2019



Reception: Friday, January 25 from 7-10pm

In still life is a collaborative project between ceramic artist Kaley Flowers and glass artist Jared Last, currently both Artists-in-Residence in the Craft & Design Studio at Harbourfront Centre.

“As artists, we approach 2019 with fascination for the future as technology continues to advance exponentially. Developments in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biogenetic engineering, and the way in which humans are becoming further integrated and enhanced through technology is both exciting and frightening.

We envision that the future of design may extend beyond the manufacturing of goods and materials into a much more radical realm. Just as we currently design and generate products, avatars and online personas- we contemplate a future where this practice extends into the design and production of enhanced, bio-hacked organisms.

In still life utilizes uranium and other phosphorescent pigments with carved glass lenses that explore notions of distortion, manipulation and artificial implantation into nature. Through glass and ceramics, we explore a future where bio hacking, cybernetics, and hobby farming collide to establish a new frontier of design.”

– Kaley Flowers & Jared Last

This exhibition is part of the DesignTO Festival (January 18-27, 2019).


Kaley Flowers is a Toronto-based artist who creates functional and non-functional ceramic sculpture. A graduate of OCAD U, she is influenced by digital culture and fashion, web nostalgia, and the social impacts of the Internet. She explores her ideas through a mythology of characters and “cyber artifacts,” creating work that looks deeper into our relationships with technology and the objects around us. Kaley was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence (Ceramics) at Harbourfront Centre in 2017.



Jared Last is from Calgary, Alberta, and has been working in glass since 2011. He recently graduated with distinction in Glass from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2016. His work has been recognized by both the Glass Art Society and the Glass Art Association of Canada, and he has received scholarships to study at both the Corning Museum of Glass and Pilchuck Glass School. Jared takes inspiration from op art, architecture and optical phenomena to create interactive sculptures and functional vessels in blown and coldworked glass. He was awarded a scholarship and became an Artist-in-Residence in 2017.


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