Kristian Spreen. Untitled, 2019. Glass and underglaze. Image courtesy of the artist.


Kristian Spreen

Curated by Melanie Egan

June 8 – September 8, 2019


Reception: Thursday, July 11 (time TBA)

Joy and curiosity are hallmarks of Kristian Spreen’s work and process. When she is seated at the glassblowing bench, she has a general sense of what will transpire but is intuitively led — always in tune with the material and making. Spreen possesses a superb sense of form, surface and colour and takes inspiration from the worlds of ceramics and textiles. This approach and influence is evident in her choice of shape and patterning. She favours bottle and vessel forms with seductive matte surfaces punctuated by irregularly patterned graphic, painterly compositions.

Ever mindful of the visual conversation between form and surface, Spreen creates thoughtful objects redolent with spontaneity and restraint.

– Melanie Egan



Kristian Spreen is an artist and designer currently living in Toronto. She previously studied painting and drawing at Sheridan College in Oakville before discovering the school’s glass studio and developing a fascination with the medium. While furthering her education in the Craft and Design program, Spreen pursued any technique that allowed her to use glass as a canvas. She has continued to follow her curiosity as an Artist-in-Residence in the Craft & Design Studio at Harbourfront Centre since 2015. Her most recent works consist of blown glass forms that have been engraved and roughly sketched upon with ceramic underglaze pencils.