An installation shot of Rebecca Roher COVID COMICS in the North Orchard

Rebecca Roher, COVID COMICS, 2020


Rebecca Roher

July 30, 2020 – November 1, 2021

Ticket Kiosk, Queen's Quay Terminal

Accessible 24/7

Rebecca Roher is one of a number of visual artists whose work is animating Harbourfront Centre’s site throughout the summer and fall of 2020. We encourage you to wander throughout our campus to encounter moments of playfulness, joy and hope through these installations.

“After a hasty return from an artist residency in France, I went directly into quarantine for two weeks at a friend’s empty Airbnb apartment in downtown Toronto. Having already been essentially isolated at my residency for the previous two-and a- half months, I was beginning to feel the effects on my mental health – such as a deep sadness at the impossibility of a hug – so I made gag comics to keep myself company and to mark the days which were otherwise beginning to blur. In those first few weeks of increasing restrictions, so much was changing so quickly, and almost all the plans I had made for the upcoming months flew into uncertainty. Making these comics was a way to ground myself in the present, feel connection by putting something out into the world, and bring a little levity to a deeply worrying situation. It’s ironic, and even a bit funny, that feeling alone at times is something we all as humans share – so even when we’re alone, we’re alone together.”

— Rebecca Roher


Rebecca Roher is a Toronto-based cartoonist, illustrator and educator. Her debut graphic novel, Bird in a Cage, won the Doug Wright Award for Best Book in 2017. Her forthcoming book One Hundred Year-Old Wisdom is based on interviews with centenarians about the secrets to long life and is set to be published with Drawn and Quarterly in 2022. COVID COMICS’ drawings in colour first appeared in Maisonneuve Magazine and the drawings in black and white debuted online on CBC Arts.