Khadija Aziz and Laura Kay Keeling, Layers of Labour of Love

Khadija Aziz and Laura Kay Keeling. Layers of Labour of Love 2, 2020. Web image.

Exchange Piece

Part of the 2021 DesignTO Festival

June 12 – July 25, 2021

Craft & Design Studio Windows, Bill Boyle Artport
235 Queens Quay West, East Side

Accessible 24/7


The online exhibition Exchange Piece explores collaboration as an act of care through an exchange between 10 early career and senior artists and designers. These creators work in pairs to examine how care in the creative process affects the way we position ourselves in relation to what we create.

Working together, Khadija Aziz and Laura Kay Keeling created Layers of Labour of Love, a diptych of digital collages exchanged between the artists reflecting on labour, love and acts of care that have become especially prominent in our communities over the last year.

When It Gets Dark, I Have Shallow Breath is an installation by Laura Kay Keeling that strives to unpack grief and explore healing following the traumatic death of her grandmother.

This exhibition is curated by DesignTO and co-presented
with Harbourfront Centre for the 2021 DesignTO Festival
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Laura Kay Keeling is a Toronto-based artist whose work encompasses analog photography, video, collage and installation-based projects. Her work explores how we form connections with each other and nature, exploring and unpacking emotions through the creation of new work, while examining concepts related to “the visitor” as spoken about in Rumi’s poem “The Guest House.” Keeling feels very connected to and at peace in nature; her new works explore ideas relating to plant sentience and reciprocal care.

Khadija Aziz is a Toronto-based textile artist and educator who makes glitch art using textile-making techniques in collaboration with digital technologies. Through the manipulation of images and fibres, she creates unexpected surface outcomes that are guided by material explorations. She received the 2019 Award of Excellence in Community Arts Engagement from the Ontario Museum Association, the Shanks Memorial Award in Textiles from Craft Ontario and the Creative Promise Award from the Surface Design Association in 2020.

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