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“Flowing from their sources to their mouths, rivers carve and shape the landscape they move through. Humans are similar, shaping the landscape that we live upon to conform to our needs. Built upon nine major river watersheds, the City of Toronto has an undeniable relationship to the rivers that run through it. Parks, ravines, developments, bridges, highways, sewers, subways, the very city itself, all conform to the never-ending flow of our nine rivers. The will of humanity to control nature is inherent in an urban setting; to protect infrastructure and control development, we constantly struggle to bend nature and the rivers to our will. My images examine this relationship between man and nature. They illuminate our imposition and reveal that, no matter how strong our desire to control it, nature will manifest its destiny.”

– Aaron Vincent Elkaim

artist’s biography

Aaron Vincent Elkaim is an independent Canadian documentary photographer and founding member of the Boreal Collective. Elkaim is a Magenta Flash Forward emerging photographer and was the recipient of the 2012 Daylight Photo Award. He also received honourable mention for the 2012 Anthropographia Human Rights Through Visual Storytelling Award. His work has been shown at Voices-Off Recconteur de Arles, The New York Photo Festival, Fotographia (Rome) and the Reportage Photography Festival (Australia), and was featured at the CONTACT Photography Festival (Toronto). His work has been featured in the New Yorker, Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Canadian Press, Maclean’s and the Globe and Mail.