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“For NINE RIVERS CITY, I am interpreting the natural and artificial landscapes surrounding a selection of rivers in the Toronto area. I am focusing on the river headwaters and mouths to examine the unique geological features and constructed artifacts around the rivers. Surveying the river mouths allows for an in-depth study of how the rivers are incorporated into the city and how the landscape is altered because of them. Conversely, the headwaters of these rivers show how the city is connected to suburbia and beyond. Each of the images is shot between dusk and dawn, resulting in a seasonless landscape that brings attention to the man-made light sources, connecting the rivers to the city. The darkened landscape creates a uniform backdrop of the river; the ambient light being a sign that the city is always somewhere close, concealed between the rivers.”

– Jade Lee Portelli

artist’s biography

OCAD University graduate Jade Lee Portelli is best known for her muted and disappearing landscape images. As a Toronto-based artist, her photography has received numerous awards and accolades. Portelli’s Night Works series, a collection of black and white nightscapes has received international acclaim, including featured articles in the Globe and Mail and the British Journal of Photography. Whenever an opportunity presents itself she prefers to shoot in film.