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“Each river is a unique ecosystem that is affected differently by the surrounding urban and natural environments. Plants, animals and various other organisms are studied and modified in an attempt to better each of the river ecosystems and I am taking a look at how and why these interventions happen. Scientists and engineers design and plan with conservation in mind, as well as work in research labs and participate in hands-on field work that focuses on wildlife, including fish, as well as ecological modifications of the rivers. These images aim to explore not only the beauty of the river landscape, but the ongoing work and research done by TRCA that contributes to keeping the environment as healthy as possible.”

– Vanessa Hussey

artist’s biography

Vanessa Hussey is a Toronto-based emerging photographer. She is a recent graduate of OCAD University, and is also the recipient of the Project 31 Photography Award, as well as the 2012 SNAP! Stars Award. Her work has been exhibited at the Robert Kananaj Gallery, Edward Day Gallery and Harbourfront Centre. Her work is strongly rooted in experiences of the past, family histories and the ways that nostalgia and loss inform and shape the future.