Clare Samuel

“My participation in this project involves photographing people who use the lake and harbour area in a variety of ways, from sporting activities to members of the houseboat and island communities. My images emphasize being by the water, as that which connects these individuals, and as an analogy for photographic portraiture itself. I’m fascinated by the idea of an “image” which I define as something that invades us, consumes us and yet, remains untouchable. The paradoxical presence and absence of the subject is like the horizon on water, always in the distance, just out of reach.

Clare Samuel is a Northern Irish artist now living in Canada. She holds a BFA with Honours in Photography from Ryerson University, and an MFA from Concordia. She has exhibited across Canada and Europe, participated in international residencies, and has been recognized by various awards including the Roloff Beny Fellowship and the Canadian National Magazine Awards. Her images have been published in magazines such as Blackflash, Next Level and Prefix Photo. Her work is photo-based and investigates the borders between interior and exterior worlds, and between people, places, or states of being.