Johan Hallberg-Campbell

“I’m interested in the working harbour and being present with the men and women during their early mornings and their late nights, observing as they go about their jobs. My aim is to give the viewer a look at the people of the water, explore the landscape between industry and nature, and the juxtaposition of the old and the new. The photographs visualize what we usually do not see – a peek behind the scenes of the waterfront.”

Raised in Scotland, Johan Hallberg-Campbell is a freelance photographer, living and working between Toronto and the United Kingdom since immigrating to Canada in 2007. He is a Graduate of The Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited his work widely in Canada and Scotland. Hallberg-Campbell has been photographed, published and curated for publications and institutions such as: The Walrus, Canadian Art, The Big Issue, Scots magazine, The Grid, Toronto magazine, Report on Business, Globe and Mail, Toronto Tourism, Pikto, VII Gallery, Canadian Red Cross and CTV. His documentary work focuses on capturing the visual manifestation of the latent concept of “place” and an exploration of what it means to belong to a community and have traditions rooted in heritage, and alternatively what happens when one’s “place” is altered, removed, distorted and shifted.