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About Luis Barreto:

Born in the port city of Callao, Peru, chef Luis Barreto arrived in Canada in 1980 where he immediately began to specialize in French and continental cuisine, graduating from George Brown College as sous-chef in 1984.

He is currently the owner and manager of La Cocina de Doña Luz, a restaurant he opened together with his mother in 1992 that has become one of the most talked about restaurants in Toronto.

Quinoa Trail: Chef Luis Barreto’s Pesque de Quinua


Luis Barreto from La Cocina de Doña Luz will be demonstrating pesque de quinoa (Andean risotto).

Recently, quinoa has been trending as a highly nutritious crop making its entry into the food basket of culinary connoisseurs in el centro (urban centres) across the globe. But it has been a staple for centuries in South America, among pre-Columbian Andean farming communities (el campo). Nourish your brain at our Quinoa Trail food series, as we celebrate the UN declared International Year of Quinoa!

Hosted by Christian Pritchard.