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Glass Blowing (Weekend)

January 10-25, 2020

This weekend course covers solid and blown forms, colour application, hot and cold techniques and use of studio equipment. Part of Courses & Workshops.

DesignTO Talks: They Feed Off Buildings

January 24, 2020

Luisa Rubisch and Rasa Weber of the Berlin-based design and architecture collective, They Feed Off Buildings (TFOB), speak about the process of creating Urban Terrazzo.

Making of a Legend: Works by D’Wayne Edwards

February 1-29, 2020

Follow the journey of D’Wayne Edwards’ successful career with a tribute installation made up of signature footwear designs and memorabilia. Part of Kuumba25.


Wellness Wednesdays

February 5-26, 2020

A weekly safe space dedicated to wellness and self-care practices. Part of Kuumba25.

Jon Boogz and Lil Buck: Creative Conversation and Film Screening

February 14, 2020

Movement Art Is (MAI) co-founders Jon Boogz and Lil Buck lead the audience through an in-depth look at the development and creation of select, signature short films that embody the mission and vision of their organization. Part of Kuumba25.

Sneaker Design Workshops with D'Wayne Edwards of PENSOLE: Colour

February 16-17, 2020

Learn the fundamentals of sneaker colour design as D’Wayne Edwards guides beginners interested in sneaker culture through a process of creating their own sneaker. Part of Kuumba25.


Jon Boogz and Lil Buck: Inside the Movement of ‘Love Heals All Wounds’ - Workshop

February 16, 2020

Created for High School students and pre-professional dancers, this workshop will focus on the development of individual creativity through physical expression and narrative storytelling. Part of Kuumba25.

Sneaker Design Workshops with D'Wayne Edwards of PENSOLE: Sketching

February 16-17, 2020

Learn how to sketch a sneaker in this workshop as D’Wayne Edwards takes aspiring footwear designers through his 4 step process. Part of Kuumba25.


Learn to Skate: Family Day Classes

February 17, 2020 09&16

Private Lessons are offered on Family Day.

Black Lives on Campus: A Roundtable Discussion

February 19, 2020

The Toronto International Festival of Authors explores the question “Are Canadian campuses of higher education truly serving Black students effectively?” Part of Kuumba25.

A Conversation Between Generations: Navigating Blackness in Film

March 1, 2020

A conversation between Black Youth! Pathways 2 Industry and Oya Media Group that navigates personal identity politics through generations as Black people in film.

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