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   The Main Ingredient Silent Disco
Exchanges: Dialogue, Hesitation & Creation – An exhibition of work from the Feminist Photography Network’s Online Residency


The failed shoots, the self-doubts and the moments of absolute clarity of an artist’s practice are highlighted in this brilliant exploration of the artistic process. Mid-career photographers based in Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, Brooklyn and Toronto share their interest in community-building, while acknowledging the challenges women often face in creating art, from balancing family and career to working in isolation.

The Feminist Photography Network (FPN) is a nexus for research on the relationship between feminism and lens-based media.

Participants include: Ida Arentoft, Hannah Laycock, Jennifer Long, Gina Lundy, Sarah Mangialardo, Margaret Mitchell, Clare Samuel, Kate Schneider, Arpita Shah and Stacey Tyrell.

Visual Arts
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