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Learn how to create traditional cuisine from the Mexican province of Michoacán with culinary expert Juana Bravo!

Born in the Angahuan community, Juana Bravo started to get involved in the cooking world and crafts since childhood, as those are the daily activities in the region. She started offering food to the tourists that visited the Paricutín volcano in her natal province of Michoacán, and her fame grew as the word of her great flavors spread. In 2010, on behalf of México, she received the UNESCO designation of Traditional Mexican Cooking as Human Patrimony. She is currently part of the Group of Diplomatic Cooks accredited by the government.

Founded by Paola Solórzano and Adriana Pelayo, Santo Pecado is specialized in making the best Mexican food for events. They take great pride in offering authentic flavours, superb presentation and a world class professional service. Their commitment is to always have ingredients of the highest quality standards, organic and locally sourced.

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Santo Pecado

Taste of Michoacán: Juana Bravo


$2 food samples available (limited quantities)


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