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   MOonhORsE Dance Theatre
MOonhORsE Dance Theatre Older & Reckless #42

Older & Reckless #42 celebrates age on stage featuring seasoned dancers of many nations and backgrounds.

This special edition includes outstanding Indigenous artists Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Christine Friday, JP Longboat, Lee Maracle and Byron Chief Moon and acclaimed Canadian choreographers Bill Coleman and Elizabeth Langley, plus a community project for 25 dance enthusiasts!

Featuring audience warm-ups, guest hosts, after parties and a Circle Dance Talk with Karen Pheasant-Neganigwane and Penny Couchie, both leaders in Indigenous arts.

Older & Reckless (O&R), established in 2000 by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre Artistic Director Claudia Moore, is a nationally recognized dance performance series celebrating the elders of dance. O&R exposes the depth of artistry and the wealth of experience in those “older & reckless” artists who dare to approach mastery in their art form.

An annual event, Older & Reckless includes audience warm-ups, after-parties, workshops and a community project, where senior artists lead amateur movers in a process of making and performing a dance. Participants experience the benefits of dance to physical, mental and social well-being.

Older & Reckless has been presented across Canada in Halifax NS, St Catharines ON, Kelowna BC and was featured at the 2016 Canada Dance Festival. / Facebook / Twitter

Regular: $35
Student/Seniors: $28
Groups 10+: $28
Arts Worker: $25
CADA Member: $25

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