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Moderator Bio:


Ian Chodikoff, M.Arch, MAUD, OAA, MRAIC
Editor, Canadian Architect

Ian Chodikoff is an architect and editor of Canadian Architect magazine. He has a background in political science and holds graduate degrees in architecture and urban design. Ian has completed projects ranging from urban parks to the effects of social inclusion and community diversity on urban design. He recently curated the multimedia exhibition Fringe Benefits: Cosmopolitan Dynamics of a Multicultural City, which explores the effects of multiculturalism on Toronto’s suburban communities.

As an affiliate of the Institute for International Urban Development in Cambridge, Mass., he is currently participating in a study examining the effects of transnationalism and land markets in West Africa. Ian has lectured in various universities and cities across North America and Europe, has served on numerous juries and has written for a variety of magazines and journals on issues surrounding planning and sustainability.

Committed to the profession, he has spoken and consulted with various municipalities on contemporary urban issues, as well as having been a consultant with the Canada Council for the Arts on the subject of architectural competitions.

Inside the City


The city and its urban neighbourhoods are special places with many faces, opportunities and challenges. Inside the City looks to tackle the challenges of the urban, including architecture, urban life or politics. This View Points explores the inner workings of a city and looks to provide audiences with new insights about the urban.


What defines a community? How is community created? Can built form become the anchor to a community? How can community direct change in defining itself?
In this edition of Inside the City, Canadian architects Michael McClelland and Graeme Stewart from E.R.A. Architects Inc., Helena Grdadolnik from Public Workshop and Joe Lobko from du Toit Architects Limited discuss their installations created for the new York Quay Centre architecture space exhibition, Community Centred, which explores current practises in shaping our communities through architecture. 


The discussion is moderated by Canadian Architect magazine editor, Ian Chodikoff.

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