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About the company: Louise Lecavalier founded her contemporary dance company Fou Glorieux to have the freedom to explore and work with artists whose vision is close to her own. She brings together dancers and choreographers of all ages and different horizons to deepen the search for pure expression in dance creation.

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Children & A Few Minutes of Lock | Louise Lecavalier/Fou Glorieux

All Seating:$45


“...a fireworks display of breathtaking leaps and movements, at a speed that is hardly comprehensible.”

— Rheinische Post


Bittersweet and sweaty duets about parenting and the ties that bind from an icon of Canadian dance.

In Nigel Charnock’s Children, two people are plunged into the ecstasy and the agony of trying to stay together for the sake of their kids. The second piece, A Few Minutes of Lock, revisits three Édouard Lock duets, including excerpts from 2 and Salt.

Known for her work with La La La Human Steps, this is the first time Lecavalier has performed in Toronto since founding her own dance company in 2006. Her fascination is in the impulse of movement, which precedes all forms of human communication and allows us to read the soul. At 50, Lecavalier brings a unique perspective to her work by examining the relevance of dance through time. This is an absolute must-see for dance fans.


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