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Kurtis Gross, Midnight Robber, Trinidad & Tobago



Gayelle TV Feature: Brian Honore is the Midnight Robber



About the Midnight Robber:
His first official appearance was in the 1900s until his self imposed exile in the 1960s when historical and fancy mas bands started to take root. Mas players such as the late Puggy Joseph and Brian Honore helped to create a resurgence of this mas as did Peter Samuel when he was crowned King of Carnival for his portrayal of the Midnight Robber from Peter Minshall’s band in 1980.

I am the tireless clarion of the world; I cry mankind’s joys and sorrows every hour. … whenever I speak, a million people listen to my voice. The Latin, the Celt, the Hun, the Moslem, the Hindu; all comprehend me.
-Charles Peace (Midnite Robber and Masquerader, 1968)

Midnight Robber Speech Workshop: The Master of Metaphor and Baron of Bombast!


The Midnight Robber’s spoken word masquerade is the most fearsome and imitated in the pantheon of traditional Trinidad carnival characters. The Midnight Robber bragged and blustered his way into the heart of Trinidad and Tobago’s folk tradition. Hear an overview of his masquerade and its characteristics, beginning with American Western Movie icons believed by some scholars to have been the inspiration behind the portrayal of the Midnight Robber, followed by a comparison of his costume with that of the Western character Zorro, his movement and gait, and traditional speeches. Write your own Midnight Robber speech (and perform it!) with Theatre Archipelago’s Artistic Director, Rhoma Spencer.


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