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Bogotá MMX – 200 Years After


Bogotá MMX – 200 Years After is an editorial adventure supported by the City Hall of Bogotá, in association with Fundacion Tridha / Tridha Arts Association, as part of the projects to commemorate the celebration of the Bicentenary of Independence. This book was conceived as a testimony to communicate through a fresh, simple and fluid language, the identity traces and local colour of the city in the year 2010.

The images were taken in 20 different places whose names refer to personalities and themes related to the independence. Four photographers documented the many daily and iconic facets of diverse Bogotá – a place full of contrasts and in permanent transformation and evolution.

The book is part of important documents that were included in the Bicentenary Urn (a time capsule) closed in May 2011 and that will be opened on July 20, 2110.

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