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Literary Presentation with Professor Bastani Parizi


With over 60 books and hundreds of articles in the fields of Iranian history, geography, and literature, Professor Bastani Parizi holds a unique position both as a public educator and scholar with remarkable contributions. His deep affection for his hometown, Kerman, has turned this ancient city in the central Iran into the core of most of his writings. For him, Kerman is a hologram through which the whole history of Iran can be viewed. Professor Bastani Parizi has been teaching at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Tehran University for more than five decades. Amongst the most important of his publications are Muhit-e Siyasi va Zindagani-yi Mushir al-Dauleh (1962), Hemaseh Kavir (1967), Siyasat va Iqtisad-e 'Asr-e Safavi (1969), and Tarikh-e Kirman (1973). In addition to his prolific academic and scholarly work, he also has a volume of poetry.

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