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Literary Presentation with Professor Mohammad Estelami


Dr. Mohammad Estelami is the author and editor of over 20 volumes of books, literary texts, and references in the field of Persian Sufi literature. Having received his Ph.D. in Persian literature from University of Tehran, he pursued a long and fruitful teaching career in various institutions of higher education in Iran and later became professor of Persian Language and Literature at  McGill University where he is an emeritus professor. He has also been a visiting professor and scholar in many Universities such as University of California, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton. Prof. Estelami has been an invited speaker in many international conferences on Rumi, and his publications in Persian include seven volumes of Rumi’s Masnavi, Dars-e Hafiz (Understanding Hafiz), A Review/Survey of Modern Persian Literature (Barrasi-e Adabiayt-e Emurz-e Iran), Attar’s Tazkerat-ul-Aulia and many textbooks.

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