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About George Koller:
George Koller is a bassist, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has accumulated hundreds of wildly diverse performing and recording credits in his expansive musical career.   A prolific composer and producer, yet recognized primarily as a bass player, George also plays a variety of instruments; many featured on his award-winning (HMV “fresh blood”grand prize) solo CD, Music for Plants, Animals, and Humans.

Having written dozens of songs over the years, George is now recording and preparing releases of new material featuring his guitar and vocals.  His two CDs on the Solitudes label – India: inner peace through music and nature sounds and Breathing for Relaxation feature George’s east-west compositions. His playing of Indian stringed instruments – sitar, sarode, tanpura, and the violin-like esraj and dilruba – are featured in the motion pictures Such a Long Journey and Possible Worlds, and on Loreena McKennitt, Jane Siberry and Bruce Cockburn recordings. He continues to produce concerts and recordings in the jazz, Indian classical and world music styles, and is composing new east-west fusion music.

About Pat Murray:
A nine-year resident to the Toronto jazz scene, Pat Murray had spent the previous 10 years as Kingston’s most popular and active jazz vocalist. Pat moved to Toronto to teach vocals and drama at an inner city school and to pursue her vocal career. With a pair of CD's under her belt, and one on the way, Pat has evolved into a consummate singer and performer capable of capturing any audience with her intelligence, her heart, her emotion and her talent.

About Sundar Viswanathan:
Saxophonist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sundar Viswanathan is one of Canada’s most diversely talented artists, and a highly respected international musical ambassador and educator. One might expect a natural inclination towards diversity in creative and holistic endeavour from a man with both South Asian family roots and a northern Canadian living experience. To Sundar, music is a passport to creative collaboration and enlightenment on a global scale, both as a performer and scholar.

Now & Then: Music from South Asia featuring Indian West Fusion


Western classical music is composed of three components; one part rhythm, one part melody, and one part harmony.  Eastern Classical is advanced cyclical rhythm and advanced ornamented melody. The best east/west fusion happens when eastern ornamented melody soars over western harmony on a mixed foundation of eastern and western rhythm, with added improvisation.


This fusion will be exemplified in a performance by George Koller (bass, vocals, sitar, dilruba, piccolo bass), Ravi Naimpally (tabla and percussion), Samidha Joglekar (vocals), Pat Murray (vocalist) and Sundar Viswanathan (saxophone/composer).

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