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About Michael Tan:
Michael Tan, teppanyaki chef at The Fairmont Royal York’s Benihana Japanese Steakhouse, has been mastering his own teppan cooking style for over 15 years now. After completing his culinary apprenticeship in 1989, Tan was required to spend a full year as a teppanyaki kitchen helper before he could begin mastering his teppan cooking skills.

“Organization and preparation are extraordinarily important in all cooking disciplines,” says Tan. “But with teppanyaki cooking, it is crucial to both the performance and success of the meal.”

The Artful Knife of Teppanyaki with Chef Michael Tan from The Fairmont Royal York's Benihana Japanese Steakhouse


In Japan, the preparation of food is an art form and teppanyaki is no exception. During its 200-year history, this form of tabletop cooking has developed into a highly refined and beautiful form of expression, characterized by an intricate combination of presentation and knife skills. Instead of using conventional kitchens, Benihana's highly skilled chefs present and prepare all entrées at a “hibachi” table (a flat 4' X 3' grill), around which up to eight guests are seated.



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