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About Hainanese chicken rice:
A dish that is humble yet exquisite, Hainanese chicken rice is a royal combination of perfectly steamed or roasted chicken, served with fragrant rice (pre-fried in chicken fat and then simmered in chicken broth with aromatic pandan leaf, garlic and ginger). A quintessential trio of fresh minced chilli, ginger paste and dark soya sauce on the side completes the palette with sweet, hot and spicy notes.

Uniquely Singaporean, Hainanese chicken rice is still a relative well-kept secret among foodies who are familiar with Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. The Toronto Singapore Film Festival hopes that through the film and food presentation, not only will more people will come to enjoy this culinary delight, but more Torontonians will connect to another fascinating Asian culture.

In partnership with the Toronto Singapore Film Festival, and the film Rice Rhapsody.


About Gourmet Garden Malaysian and Singaporean Cuisine:
Gourmet Garden Malaysia and Singaporean Cuisine (GGMSC) specializes in authentic flavours of South-East Asia with a wide variety of Malaysian and Singaporean favourites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Laksa and Nasi Lemak among other delights.  A popular joint especially among Malaysians and Singaporeans who yearn for a taste of home, Gourmet Garden Malaysia and Singaporean Cuisine is your South-East Asia culinary getaway in Scarborough, conveniently accessible via public transport!

Gourmet Garden Malaysian and Singaporean Cuisine (GGMSC) is owned and led by husband and wife team, Tan Hock Kien and Amy Lam. Tan is originally from Java, Indonesia while Lam hails from Ipoh, Malaysia.  Lam who is trained in pastry arts in England concocts the flavours and secret sauces of many of the popular dishes at GGMSC while Tan, a University of Waterloo Computer Technology alumnus, spearheads the business operations of GGMSC. With a passion for food and sharing their culinary favourites, Tan and Lam opened GGMSC 15 years ago and are continuously sourcing and coming up with more South Asian delights.

About the Toronto Singapore Film Festival:
The Toronto Singapore Film Festival (TSFF) is a not-for-profit community driven organization devoted to showcasing Singapore’s films in Toronto.  Its mission is to raise the cultural profile of Singapore in Toronto through films, and unite filmmaking interests between Singapore and Toronto.  Since its inception in 2006, TSFF has grown from a one-day short film festival to successful three-day events where many films have played to full house at The University of Toronto’s Innis Town Hall and Revue Cinema.


Singapore Shiok: Hainanese Chicken Rice


Chicken rice is a legacy of Hainanese immigrants from China who arrived in Singapore in the late 19th century. Adapted from a rice dish served with chicken, it has since evolved to become one of the national dishes of Singapore, served to dignitaries and onboard the country’s national airline carrier, Singapore Airlines. It is a central symbol in the award-winning film Rice Rhapsody, being shown at the festival as part of Singapore Shiok. Click here for details.

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