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Carlos Gardel - "El dia que me quieras"



About Carlos Gardel:
Carlos Gardel was the first great singer of the Tango. He was a songwriter and actor, and is perhaps the most prominent figure in the history of the Tango. He remains an icon in Argentina, Uruguay and much of the world and has made a number of films for Paramount in France and the U.S. While sentimental films such as El día que me quieras and Cuesta abajo lack lasting dramatic value, they were outstanding showcases of his tremendous singing talents and movie star looks.

When Gardel died in an airplane crash in 1935, millions of his fans throughout Latin America went into mourning. Hordes came to pay their respects as his body was taken from Colombia through New York City and Rio de Janeiro. Thousands rendered homage during the two days he lay in state in Montevideo, the city in which his mother lived at the time.

A popular saying in Latin America, which serves as a testimony to his long-lived popularity, claims: "Gardel sings better every day."


The fingers of his life-sized tuxedo-clad statue on his tomb in La Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires nearly always hold a burning cigarette left by admirers from 1935 to today.

Film: El día que me quieras



El día que me quieras (The Day When You Will Love Me) is considered by many as Carlos Gardel's greatest and most moving film featuring him singing "El día que me quieras." 


Director: John Reinhardt
Writer: Alfredo Le Pera
Starring: Carlos Gardel, Rosita Moreno and Tito Luisiardo

1935, 82 mins.


Click here for a synopsis of the film.

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