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Yoshito Yamano: sitar, guitar, sanshin, ukelele, programming

Chie Yamano: digeridoo, vocals, programming, effects

"Their material ranges from laid back acoustic sitar and didgeridoo duets to fully arranged tunes with samples and beats, like Pizzicato 5 meets Sonic Youth. They are truly interesting and unique to the Toronto music scene." – Brian Kalbfleisch, Good Nature Productions



Kaminari is the combined talents of Yoshi and Chie Yamano, a professional music duo hailing from Osaka, Japan. In Japanese, Kaminari means "lightning" but it also means "God's noise," referring to its mythical and cosmic connection to the earth and it’s peoples. Their musical journey started in 1989 when they met and began collaborating musically through funk, blues and world music.

Since then they have performed in various venues across the globe. They form an exciting union of musical traditions that are hundreds of years old, crossing cultures and countries, joining forces to create a combination of sounds unlike no other. Their unique music seamlessly blends together acoustic and electronic, bridging the traditional with contemporary, east with the west.

Kaminari’s acoustic repertoire fuses together spiritual musical rhythms from India, Australia and Japan with the smooth sounds of jazz, funk, rock and fusion. Integrating over a dozen different digital sounds and effects, Kaminari’s more electronic sets enhance their acoustic instruments with beats that come from contemporary styles of music like down tempo, trip hop and ambient.

Passionate about music, the two travelled to India where Yoshi studied Sitar and then to Australia where Chie learned to master the Didgeridoo. After extensive traveling and performing in Australia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Alaska, Sri Lanka and Korea, their music brought them to Toronto. Their performance debut as Kaminari in 1999 was a smashing hit and sparked their entry into the Toronto music scene.

Chie and Yoshi have played at numerous music festivals and concerts as well as for television and radio programs. They have also collaborated with other artists and musicians on multimedia performances and have worked with the likes of Alanna Myles and K-OS. They're music has garnered awards from NHK, Sony and Yamaha. Their original songs were recorded onto their first album Triangle in 2003.

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