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Bathiya & Santhush


A classically trained singer and piano player, Bathiya is the driving force behind much of Bathiya & Santhush's production and arrangement. Anyone who has followed Bathiya’s career closely enough, knows that his true potential unfolds during a live performance. His showmanship on stage is almost theatrical thanks to his ability to tanslate the energy and feeling behind a song into something physical.

A classically trained vocalist and keyboard player, Santhush is the emotional pulse behind the music of Bathiya & Santhush. Behid his quiet exterior lies a reservoir of thoughts and emotion. There is one basic principle behind Santhush’s performances – less is more. He has the remarkable ability to inject passion into a live appearance with the least effort.

Together, since 1998, Bathiya & Santhush have composed, produced and performed some of Sri Lanka's biggest hits.

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