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Swar Sadhana Dandiya Raas


Dandiya Raas is one of the traditional folk dances of India, picturing Lord Krishna and Radha celebrated as part of the Navratri Festival. Dandiya means "sticks" and Raas is a dance using sticks with specific musical bits. The Dandiya Raas has lots of significance and described many ways. However, it originated from Gujarat along with Garba and Rajasthan folk dancing. The woman and man wear colourful dressings that create a traditional environment.

Swar Sadhana Raas-Garba group is an original and traditional musical group. During the festival, Swar Sadhana Raas-Garba will perform non-stop, upbeat dance sequences that will encourage everyone to pick up the Dandiya sticks and start dancing with the bits.


Swar Sadhana Raas-Garba will provide the Dandiya sticks and basic training for those who will be joining for the first time.

Dance Music Learning
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