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About Vineland Research and Innovation Centre:
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is an independent, not-for-profit institute located in Niagara Region, Ontario. At Vineland, scientists lead horticulture research programmes in consumer studies, applied genomics and production systems for the Canadian fruit, vegetable and flower industries.  One programme in particular, called Feeding Diversity, is about understanding how to grow locally-adapted varieties of ethno-cultural vegetables such as daikon radish, maca, okra and Indian red carrot right here on Canadian farms. We know the face of Canadian society has changed and with this new cultural diversity comes a growing  demand for fruit and vegetables that are not traditionally grown in Canada. There are exciting opportunities ahead for farmers who can diversify production and for Canadians who will have access to fresh, locally-grown ethno-cultural vegetables.

Tasting Table


Come taste Asian and South Asian produce that is both fresh and locally-grown!


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