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About Shin Kim:
A “Citizen of the World” is how you would have to describe composer Shin Kim. Having lived, studied and created in Seoul, Shanghai and Toronto, Shin is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English. So poet Rudyard Kipling’s notion that "never the twain shall meet" is not always true. East and West really do meet, on very rare occasions, and Q Music studio is one of those places. He is a master of eastern and western styles... classical, orchestral, experimental, contemporary, pop and electronic… he does them all. A sapling nursed in the famous Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he has now planted roots in North America, and his career has begun to flower, even to flourish.

About Jillian Brady:
Singer-songwriter Jillian Brady is the new kid on the block in Toronto's thriving music scene.  A Kemptville native, Jillian has always been surrounded by music.  She started performing at a very young age with a Disney group and realized her passion for music went beyond performance.  Songwriting became a new means to deliver music with a message, and Jillian’s writing skills began to thrive.

She is familiar with the hustle and bustle of big cities, as she has toured parts of Canada and the U.S. as a solo artist, with a band, and as part of a performance group.  A big community activist, Jillian takes each opportunity to share her work with others. 

Currently, Jillian is using 2011 to focus on the heart of The Wickalows.

The Wickalows


The Wickalows is a new project for composer Shin Kim and singer-songwriter Jillian Brady in which they push music genre boundaries. The two share a fond respect for music and their interest in production led them to meet in college. Upon graduation, Shin headed to Toronto to begin a career in composition.  Fast forward two years later, Jillian joined Shin and their reunion turned into the development of The Wickalows.  They are undeniably compatible as they blend pop and electronic music that generates a fresh and unique sound.


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