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FRESH BLOOD 2012 proudly presents works by the following choreographers:

After the Fall
Choreographer: Anjelica Scannura

After the Fall is a flamenco-based work with contemporary themes. Choreographer and dancer Anjelica Scannura is a multi-faceted performing artist and has been dancing since a very young age. She has a wide palette of dance styles at her disposal, having studied ballet, modern dance, Middle Eastern dance and flamenco in professional institutions in Toronto and abroad. A recent Chalmer's Professional Development grant led her to Spain last summer to expend an extended time training and performing flamenco with renowned masters of the art form. Anjelica continues the legacy of Ritmo Flamenco, working towards their newest production Vida Flamenca. Her new work, After the Fall is an adventurous foray into thematic material and deals with the repression of women in societies that bar them from basic civil liberties.

Animal Mechanical   
Choreographer: Auja Ragnarsdottir

Auja Ragnarsdottir is in her final year of Concordia’s Contemporary Dance Department which focuses primarily on choreography. Her dance background is mainly in ballet and Graham technique. Her piece Animal Mechanical is a self-solo that depicts the rhythm of life of a powerful female creature. The piece is composed of intricate floor work that, through rich imagery and various qualities, shows the creature’s daily activities and personality.

Crossroad Wanderlust
Elke Schroeder

This is about movement. Movement for the love of movement. The obsession with movement. It feels good to just move... Too good? Perhaps... Shall we make a deal? There is power at the crossroads.
In many cultures, the crossroad is place for transformation, of choice, but also one of foreboding or potential evil. Which road do we choose? Or, do we just dance at the crossroads?
Choreographer Elke Schroeder and dancers Christine Birch, Kate Nankervis and Danielle O'Reilly dangle their souls in Crossroad Wanderlust.

FIRE (excerpt)
ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company
Choreographers: Byron M. Beckford, Kumari Giles, Jelani Ade Douglas, Sze-Yang Lam, & Whitney Mah

FIRE (excerpt) is a section of a full-length work, that explores the experiences of LGBTQ (Lesbian ,Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer) people of colour un-apologetically loving and being who they are, despite the harsh realities of being ostracized from their communities, violence, and murder by being set on fire, and burned to death. This work is choreographed in a co-collaborative process drawing movement material from each dancers experience with homophobia and its intersections with other forms of oppression that they face individually. It is loosely inspired by Andrea Gibson’s spoken word poem "Ashes."

Meet Cute
Choreographer: Jacob Niedzwiecki

Jacob Niedzwiecki is a Toronto-based choreographer and filmmaker. He trained at the National Ballet School and performed with the National Ballet of Canada for several years before leaving the company in 2007 to focus on his independent practice. In addition to presenting his work independently, he has choreographed works for the National Ballet of Canada and Ballet Jörgen in Toronto and for Chung-Ang University in South Korea. His work Bastard Fugue was an honourable mention for the 2009 Paula Citron Award. His installation work Ego Echo premiered in beta at the 2011 Dance: Made in Canada festival. His most recent stage work, Always Be Closing, premiered in February as part of At The Wrecking Ball V at the Lower Ossington Theatre.

His short films (Superposition, Helioscape, and Love in Vain) have been shown at the Worldwide Short Film Festival, the REELWorld Film Festival, and Edinburgh's DANCE:FILM09. Superposition is distributed through Ouat! Media and Helioscape is included in TenduTV'sEssential Dance Films.

He has worked as a theatrical projection designer on Whetstone Productions' Wingéd, Esmerelda Enrique's Espejo de Oro, and Young Peoples Theatre's 2011 remount of the Dora-award winning tap musical i think i can.

Jacob is currently in post-production on his fourth short film (with assistance from Bravo!FACT and the Canada Council for the Arts) and a music video for Buck 65's cover of Leonard Cohen's song "Who By Fire" (with assistance from MuchMusic).

Choreographer: Jamee Valin      

I have created Racing: A Story of MEN AT WORK because I feel deeply connected with the idea of structured surroundings and the line between public and private. My overall vision is to create work that poses questions for viewers. Please observe the next intersection you pass and look around with an observant eye. What is going on amongst strangers? What is missing in our daily routines of judging, dismissing and removing ourselves from interactions? Are we stuck paying attention to personal paths and obligations or are we willing to observe, enjoy and reconstruct our quick moments around each other?

Thank you to Series 8:08 and its audience members for helping this piece during the development stage.

Jamee Valin is currently working for Ballet Jorgen Canada with the Nutcracker Youth, choreographing for Toronto Youth Ballet Ensemble, performing for Valence Movement (dance theatre) and exploring dance on film. Recently she has collaborated and performed with 37 artists from across the country at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax. Miss Valin also produced, performed in and choreographed her second full-length show alongside a collective of visual artists, jazz musicians and actors in March 2011. Jamee performed in Dawson City, Yukon with the Diamond Tooth Gerties in the spring/summer of 2010. Prior to the CanCan show, Jamee attended George Brown College for Dance Performance Studies. She was a class representative and one of 12 dancers in the touring performance ensemble. Her work includes performing and/or choreographing for independent companies like Jay9 Dance Projects, Back Burner Productions, EROS Thanatos & the Avant-Garde ~ The Cabaret Series, Cadence Progressive Contemporary Ballet, RS Divas, etc. Miss Valin has also danced as a lead in Aida Verdi with La Scala Opera Company and the Canadian Royal Opera Company. Jamee has recently performed in Tumbling into Light with Andrea Nann and Eroca Nicols at the Enwave Theatre.

Muy cerca ls is this too close to you?   
Choreographer: Juanita Suárez (Warm Laundry)    

Muy cerca Is this too close to you? was created in 2011 by Juanita Suárez. It is a duet for Andrew Hartley and Emma Kerson investigating the cultural differences of everyday relationships. Missing that hug or kiss so common amongst friends in Colombia, Suárez pursued the idea of impersonality through the action of giving directions to another person and used this as the base for the exploration in her piece. She trained in contemporary dance in Colombia and graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Suárez is currently finishing her BFA in dance at York University. She is a founding member of Warm Laundry.

The Closest Thing
Choreographer: Kayt MacMaster     

The Closest Thing, a solo choreographed by Kayt MacMaster, is an interpretation of the universal experience of traveling through time. This is not the time travel that is confined to the pages of science fiction novels; it is an acknowledgement of all of the completely unexpected reminders of what we were when we were someone somewhere else. These reminders travel on the breeze: a familiar smell, certain combination chords in a song, or the state of the weather. Through her quirky and investigative movement, MacMaster introduces the audience to their own frequent, yet often unacknowledged, travels through time. 

II I   
Choreographer: Kyra Jean Green       

This piece explores physical dynamics, musicality, and the number three. In science, religion, and philosophy, three is an integral number. For this reason different ideas came from investigating its importance.

Kyra Jean Green was born in France and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. She obtained her BFA in dance from The Juilliard School. She has set choreography on Hubbard Street II, Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, Bosma Dance, Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Bridges of Cadence Contemporary and was commissioned by the Kennedy Center to present an evening of her choreography. She has recently presented work with Jasmyn Fyffe for Dance Matters, and Labspace. Kyra has also recently choreographed a music video for local Toronto music producers Torro Torro.

Terra Firma (excerpt)    
Choreographer: Liisa Smith         

Terra Firma (excerpt) is a view of two people working through parallel feelings in a separate time and space. A reminder that we are not alone in our moments of despair. Liisa Smith’s choreography mixes detail and subtleties with heightened physicality. Her creations are inspired by life and informed by real situations and raw feelings that are rooted in memory.

When the wall fell all writing came to light
Choreographer: Marlowe Porter, co-choreographed with Julie McLachlan

Blurring the lines between one expressive medium to another, we take a look at the power of taking ownership of public space through the mediums of graffiti and street art. Coming from the Greek word "Graphein" meaning "to write," this art crime is a visual articulation of human bodies that is only beginning to be understood and accepted as something very beautiful and undeniably human. These are the words we find on big walls and bathroom stalls, as we walk through our streets, abstract bodies come to life.

Choreographer: Paul Charbonneau

Description of the piece: We have, as humans often found ourselves stranded, lost and searching for a port in the storm, someone to help us find our way – a white knight if you wish. But how do these “saviours” impact and influence us in a healthy positive way? Can dependency be seen in an agreeable light and if so what do these relationships look like?

Choreographer: Niki Wozniak / Desiraeda Dance Theatre

HOO? explores the stripping away of the “self” as a physical human body, so that the noise created in our minds, by our relationship to that body, is silenced; and we are free to discover who we truly are within.

Niki Wozniak is internationally sought after as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, now based in Toronto, she is the Artistic Director and co-Founder of Desiraeda Dance Theatre (since 2007). Niki has danced for the Canadian Opera Company, and in the works of Robert Desrosiers, Peggy Baker, Shawn Hounsell, Siona Jackson, Linda Garneau, and more.

Choreographer: Waawaate Fobister

Choreographed by award-winning performer, Waawaate Fobister, this untitled work explores ancient Ojibwe Pictographs using dance with all-aboriginal male cast. What is the story behind the pictographs? What if the pictographs come alive?

Fobister is an award-winning actor and playwright. In 2009, his production of Agokwe — a one-man play which he wrote and starred in — won six Dora Awards. He is also a choreographer, dancer and producer, and a proud Anishnaabe from Grassy Narrows First Nation.

The Chimera Project - FRESH BLOOD

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FRESH BLOOD presents interesting, innovative and surprising dance works of tomorrow’s contemporary dance superstars. Each emerging Canadian choreographer on the programme has less than five years of professional experience and is given five minutes to showcase his or her work. Witness tomorrow's contemporary dance today.

Presented in association with Harbourfront Centre.


About the artistic director:
Dancer, educator, producer and founding artistic director of The Chimera Project, Malgorzata Nowacka is a vibrant force in the contemporary dance world. She was featured as one of top Canadian contemporary choreographers in FASHION Magazine in August 2009, and her choreography and productions as a dance artist have been seen in some of Canada’s most prestigious contexts, including the Canada Dance Festival (National Dance Center, Ottawa), DanceWorks Mainstage Series (Toronto), Dance Victoria (Victoria) and Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver). Recently she created Icarus, a main stage commission for Ballet Jorgen Canada and performed in Blood with The Chimera Project in its Canadian tour in 2010.

This performance features an artist talk-back!




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