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About Carmen Romero:
Carmen Romero is a recipient of the prestigious Chalmers Award and the K.M Hunter Emerging Artists Award and she continues to forge new paths in her career. Her previous work, CARMEN COMPLEX, was a seamless hybrid of different dance and music genres, used as character portrayals. Collaborations with Ryan Boorne, principle dancer of the Canada National Ballet, Argentine Tango and Malambo master Rubem Bustamante and Spain’s acclaimed flamenco dancer Domingo Ortega demonstrated that, according to dance critic Paula Citron,  “in the final analysis, Romero showed that she could create a full-length, themed flamenco story that could also be a compelling showcase for her dancers.”  

At present, Carmen Romero is in the R&D phase of a new work and has recently received project funding from the Canada Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

As artistic director of Compania Carmen Romero and The School of Flamenco Dance Arts in Toronto, Carmen Romero has created a foundation of teaching the art of flamenco as a language of expression as opposed to sequential movement.  The content of the professional company’s work is always in search for a means of communication and being relational with each other on stage and to the audience.

Flamenco Vivo by Compania Carmen Romero


Canada’s Flamenco dance artist Carmen Romero has been involved in the art of flamenco for over 30 years. As a dancer she has an innate ability for improvisation in the flamenco form that few can attest to. 


“It is the daunting sense of uncertainty that can seem both unnerving and raw, her emotional presence soon pulls you up straight.” –Dance International

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