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Organization of Calypso Artistes - Calypso STARS Showcase


The Calypso STARS Showcase is celebrating 30 years of calypso “tents” in Toronto, where singers premiere their latest works and sing on a wide range of topics that reveal the heartbeat of life in the city’s diverse Caribbean community, the sounds, rhythms and cadences that evoke this community’s past and sense of hope for the future.

This year's event welcomes special guest Alexander D’Great, an England-based calypso master, recording artist, teacher and writer, who won the Association of British Calypsonians’ 2010 Calypso Monarch title and who is known for his political and social commentary compositions, delivered with wit and style.

Award-winning calypso queen and Canada's reigning "Calypso Monarch," Macomere Fifi (pictured), is a powerful and dynamic performer, recording artist, cultural ambassador and a formidable character on the male-dominated Calypso scene. Don't miss her set as part of the Calypso STARS Showcase!

Rounding out the showcase is steelpan virtuoso Gareth Burgess, a gifted young player from Toronto’s phenomenal steelpan community.

Representing mas’ and moving among the audience will be iconic carnival arts characters on stilts (Moko Jumbies from Swizzlestick Theatre), a West African tradition brought to Canada via the Caribbean. Also interacting with the audience will be Fancy Sailor and Fireman dancers from the Hummingbird Dance Company and Prime Dance, two historical carnival costumes introduced to Trinidad carnival back in the 1880s.

The house band for the evening is award-winning arranger/producer Ossie Gurley & The Truth. Gurley is the man behind smash soca hits such as "Who Let The Dogs Out," "Moving to the Left" and "Follow The Leader."

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