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Photo: Isabelle Pauwels, still from W.E.S.T.E.R.N., 2010. Courtesy the artist and Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver.

LIVE / Isabelle Pauwels: Tic Tac Toe

$4:Members $6:Non-Members

Vancouver artist Isabelle Pauwels, whose work is currently on view at The Power Plant in the exhibition The Plot, presents a performative artist talk.

“This talk focuses on the pervasive problem of narrative: the audience’s and the artist’s dramatic need for credibility. Each of us believes that some types of relationships to reality are better than others, because more people can understand them, because more people believe in them or because they are more true to life as we see it. In video art, as in mainstream media production, credibility revolves around the perceived use or abuse of budget, genre, dramatic structure, and moral message. I will be using clips from three video works to engage the audience in a more or less credible narrative about my practice. The selected works initially seem top-heavy with moral standbys (racism, porn, colonialism) but are, I believe, more firmly located in their skepticism towards the ability of narrative structures to get us closer to ‘reality.’” – Isabelle Pauwels

Call the Harbourfront Centre Box Office at 416.973.4000 to purchase tickets.

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