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About Pieces:
Pieces is an open landscape, a blank canvas on which Caldwell paints the portrait of a man, attempting to rebuild his life after an unfortunate loss. Influenced by a recent journey to Vietnam for the first time, Caldwell develops a richly detailed and physically challenging movement vocabulary for a man, picking up the pieces, on a journey towards identity and meaning.
Pieces is a choreographic response to an earlier choreography, entitled Ash Unravel – A deeply personal solo choreography, inspired by Caldwell's mother – her upbringing in Vietnam, her immigration to America, and her recent passing in 2008. Ash Unravel delves into emotions surrounding the grieving process, in all its stages, and ruminates on what lies beyond grief and pain.

Michael Caldwell


Michael Caldwell, a Toronto-based choreographer/performer and graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, will bring his choreographic performance Pieces to the stage at this year’s Tet Trung Thu: A Mid-Autumn Celebration. 

He has interpreted roles for many of Canada's esteemed dance creators and companies, and has performed across Canada and the United States, in Europe, Asia and Australia. He was an interpreter at Le Groupe Dance Lab, studying with the iconic Peter Boneham, and dancing in creative processes for Tedd Robinson, Martin Bélanger, Toméo Vergés (France), and Sacha Steenks (Netherlands).
Most recently, Michael presented a solo commission, Chanson D’Eve, with vocalist, Patricia Ruggles and visual artist, Seth Ruggles Hiler in New York.  He has developed his choreographic practice with Conrad Alexandrowicz and Karen Jamieson in the past.

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