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About Volume:
Volume was born in the summer of 2009 when Nicholas Kaegi (lead guitar) and Evyn Berridge (drums) met while attending the Virtual Rock and Roll Camp and were later joined by bass player Declan Barber.

Earlier this year, Volume teamed up with the Burning Boyz to help raise money and awareness for their favorite charity, Free the Children. They also had the privilege of recording their first record, in Studio 211, at the CBC! To date this band has wowed audiences at PS Kensington, Dora Keogh's, Harbourfront Centre, and La Palette. They will wow you, too.

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This weekend, these future rock stars are going to dig deep and unleash their inner monsters. The pre-teen rock idols of Volume are going to blow your mind with their energetic covers of head-thrashing, guitar-smashing classics.

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