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Creator Helen Yung manipulates GULLIVER with her feet and makes him speak by typing on a computer. A text-to-speech engine renders the text that she types into an audible voice which is further manipulated with audio processing tools. The result is an incredible creation that moves, blinks, talks and sings. After a half-hour playtime with GULLIVER, the audience is invited to stay and get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of GULLIVER. Monsters are never as scary when you find out what makes them tick.

Recently commissioned by the artist-run centre Oboro and Festival Accès Asie (in Montreal), Helen Yung created GULLIVER with collaborators Alex Kurina, Tom Kuo and Rickie-Lea Owens, a hybrid experience of traditional puppetry, new media, writing, and participatory storytelling.



Based on the main character from Gulliver’s Travels, GULLIVER invites kids and parents to sing, dance, tell jokes, and co-create a story with him. GULLIVER loves to meet new people and hear their stories, and he has a lot of stories of his own.

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