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Illustration : Lorraine Beaudoin

Annabelle Follows Her Voice


We meet Annabelle Canto at the peak of her fame. Renowned by many as the greatest opera singer in the world, it comes as no surprise when a famous impresario offers her a world tour. But before signing the contract, he asks Annabelle to go to an audition. High-strung, vulnerable and anxious, Annabelle misunderstands the impresario’s request. She thinks she has to show him that she can pack her suitcases in a flash, pass through customs with panache and sign 50 autographs in 10 minutes. That’s when she asks her loyal accompanist, Henry, to help her to prepare for this tour to the land of opera. Henry is ready to play along, but he has his own ideas.

If you liked last year’s Annabelle Canto performance, you’ll love this sequel!

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