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About DJ medicineman:
Richard “medicineman” Martin’s radio show, No Man’s Land, on CIUT 89.5 FM, is considered to be one of the best programmes of its kind in the country and has been instrumental in broadening the world music landscape for the past 11 years. He has also been a key cultural ambassador in Toronto, having created many successful event partnerships within the GTA’s diverse population.

As a dance DJ, medicineman’s unique cross-cultural mixology has earned a loyal throng of fans who crave a connection between primitive rhythms and progressive beats. His music sets flow seamlessly from Indo-Arabic beats to Afro-Latin grooves, always challenging musical genres and boundaries.

From underground parties to mainstream stages, he has produced shows and played DJ sets with dozens of major international artists and producers. He has spoken at many conferences & festivals discussing world music, cultural activism and social citizenship, and has even toured across North America as a yoga DJ!     

Download MP3s of his radio show here.

Electro Swing


Having sizzled skaters last season with his electric blend of world beat and ethno groove, Richard “medicineman” Martin, Canada's most highly respected global fusion tastemaker, joins us again to dazzle the rink with his latest passion, electro swing.

What’s “electro swing” you ask? The eclectic lovechild of early 1900s jazz and modern electronic beats, electro swing is one of the most recent dancefloor hybrids that’s tapping its way into clubs across Europe. It’s only fitting for this vintage vibe to make its way back to it’s birthplace in North America.

The genre blends elements from house to dub reggae to lounge to hip hop. The result is this multi-faceted sound that’s accessible to a wide range of ears.

Electro swing music is nostalgic, uplifting and downright infectious. And not to worry, you don’t need to be a swing dancer (or should be say “swing skater”) to enjoy it. Just let the rhythm speakeasy to you and you’re on your way! 

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