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About CIBC LunarFest:
Starting in 2009 and built to be a Vancouver Winter Olympics Legacy event, CIBC LunarFest is Canada’s premier presenter of contemporary expression in Asian arts and culture. It endeavours to reach new Canadians and those who have been here for many generations to share in the diversity of Canada. It also encourages and fosters the collaboration of Canadian and International cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions. CIBC LunarFest is a festival that brings together soul, art and life on one stage.

Being one of the top 10 Cultural Olympiad events chosen by Georgia Straight, LunarFest was one of the spotlights in Vancouver downtown core during the Games. More than half a million people witnessed the magic of LunarFest and countless photographs were taken; it will forever be a part of the Olympic memories of many Canadians and visitors around the world.

In 2010, following the guiding principles of environmental initiatives and community engagement of the Winter Olympics, the Lantern Forest used only LED lights to illuminate the Granville pedestrian corridor. Over 12,000 children from Canada and Asia submitted their lantern drawings to share their cultural heritages and their ideas on protecting the environment. Over 2010, lanterns were chosen to display on 40 steel trees alongside with five large totem lanterns and ten public art lanterns created by professional artists to form the world’s first Lantern Forest.

Lunar Skate


We’re having a party to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Join us as we bring CIBC LunarFest to the skating rink. Engage in the activities: light lanterns, go skating, and grab some hot chocolate because Lunar Skate is bound to be a magical experience.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at the LunarSkate party complete with lanterns, skating activities and more!

DJ Voltaire will be spinning a fresh, eclectic mix of jazz, soul, funk, urban, house, hip-hop & electronic music.

Make a day of it! Click here for the CIBC LunarFest lineup.

Music Skating
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