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Soca on Ice


About Dr. Jay de Soca Prince:
“I love soca.” It is a simple statement spoken by many but none have really embodied those words more than Dr. Jay De Soca Prince.  With his weekly radio show, Soca Therapy, and perpetually sold out fetes, he has proven time and time again how much he deserves to be called the bext soca DJ.
Born in Toronto and raised in the Trinidadian culture, Dr. Jay comes from a musically gifted family; his father is a drummer and vocalist, his uncle a founding member of the legendary group, Tradewinds. Jay grew up with parents who were always first in the record store for the latest calypso/soca records. When he was old enough, he made sure to continue this practice by getting a job in a record store just so he could afford his growing addiction to music. Although he loved all genres, it was soca that spoke to him the most. 

"I feel like soca chose me," he says.  "Soca is me. That's my foundation. That's my love. I wouldn't have it any other way."
Although he has cultivated a large following and has been instrumental in creating the soca scene in Toronto, Jay is not content to conquer just his hometown. He has travelled the world acting as an ambassador for soca. Places such as England, all over Canada and the US and Australia have all been treated to his special brand of mixing and selecting the best in soca music.

With all of his accomplishments, it's the fans and listeners who keep him playing the music.

"That moment when you can drop a certain song and make someone hold their head and close their eyes in pure astonishment is amazing," he says. "I love that."

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Soca on Ice


Come celebrate the Kuumba festival as DJ Skate Night explores hot Caribbean rhythms that will surely heat up the ice with Dr. Jay De Soca Prince.

Kuumba presented by TD

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