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Sheesham and Lotus


Sheesham and Lotus hold workshops and concerts for the young and old alike. Steeped in the traditions of the past, Sheesham and Lotus pass on methods for music making that come from a time when instruments were scarce and mass media unheard of. A time when families entertained themselves with dance, music and stories created fresh, on the spot each day and evening. Simple songs to help the workday pass, music to dance, unwind and celebrate the end of the day, and songs and stories to wind down before bed.

What if you only had one fiddle or mouth organ for a whole family or party? You would make do with what you had! Hands, feet, voices, spoons, sticks, washboards, old string or wire, whatever a person could rustle up around the place was good enough.

Sheesham and Lotus make “old-time” music from the Appalachian Mountain region of North America. Old-time mountain music is a type of traditional folk music. It has been referred to as “old-time” for over one hundred years, and is the basis for such popular music as jazz, ragtime, bluegrass, country and western, rap, and rock and roll.

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