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The following vendors will be on-site:


Evelyn’s Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers supports local farmers by utilizing heritage whole grains grown and milled by the farmers. Dawn and Ed Rek practice direct purchasing from local-sustainable honey and cheese producers, as well. Evelyn’s Crackers trains bakers how to make handmade crackers and cookies on a wholesale scale. They offer sweet and savory shortbreads and crackers made with red fife and five other local grains. All crackers are made with whole grains on a weekly basis and baked to order. Crackers are handmade, so each one is unique.

Monforte Dairy

Monforte Dairy is convinced the small things do indeed make a difference. That agriculture is best practiced on a human scale with their sheppards acting as chief collaborators building a sustainable sheep dairy. Ruth Klahsen of Monforte Dairy and her team create hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses that adorn the plates of many of Ontario’s restaurants. Some of the cheeses Monforte offers range from fresh sheep’s milk cheese, aged sheep’s milk cheeses, fresh goat’s milk cheeses, aged goat’s milk cheeses, as well as aged cow’s milk cheeses.

Pfenning’s Organic Farm
Pfenning’s philosophy is: healthy soul, healthy plants, healthy people. With centuries of family farming history, Pfenning’s are growers, packers and wholesalers, dedicated to sustainable organic farming and social justice. Jenn Pfenning and family grow a wide variety of organic vegetables, ranging from kale, multi-coloured carrots, onions, cabbage, squashes, peppers and so on!

Chocosol Chocolate Traders
Chocosol is a community of innovative and dynamic individuals engaged in a trans-global trading relationship that goes beyond commerce to intercultural dialogue and reciprocal relationship building.

Sol means the sun in Spanish, earth in French and in English sounds like soul. Chocosol is a learning community/social enterprise that uses artisanal chocolate as a symbolic product. Chocosol, makes eating chocolate, drinking chocolate, cacao butter, cacao beans and coffee beans. Chocosol roasts beans with a bicycle pedal powered operation and sources beans directly from the producers in Mexico.

Dolce Lucano Inc.
Dolce Lucano are manufacturers of cured meat products from various regions of Italy. All our products are made using old world techniques with healthy Ontario raised pork. Dolce Lucano feels that if it is not good enough for us to eat, it will not good enough for the consumer.  They pride themselves in making all products the old fashioned way.  From cutting to spicing to curing, each step is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality.  They take no shortcuts and demand only the best for their clients.  “We never ‘over produce’, we believe it is harder to make a less of a better product than more of a lesser product”. Dolce Lucano offers artisanal produced: prosciutto, sopressata, cacciatore, capicollo, Veneto salami, pancetta, guanciale, filetto baciatto, rosetta and culatello.

100km Foods Inc.
In 2007, Paul Sawtell and Grace Mandarano quit their jobs, left their beautiful apartment in Toronto and backpacked for seven months through eight Asian countries, including China and India. Upon returning, they attended numerous food seminars which all had the same underlying theme: there is a growing demand for locally and sustainably grown food but the distribution between farmers and chefs is less than ideal or non-existent.  They thought they could be that much-needed connection. In doing so, they could marry their passion for sustainable living and food with their business and sales expertise. 100km Foods Inc. was born. 100 km Foods Inc. distributes fresh Ontario produce, legumes, oils and vinegars to restaurants in Toronto so the farmers can work on the farm and the chefs can cook in their kitchens.

The New Farm
Gillian Flies and Brent Preston left Toronto seven years ago and founded The New Farm near the village of Creemore.  They now produce some of the finest specialty vegetables available in Ontario, including heirloom tomatoes, multi-colour beets and carrots, many varieties of potatoes, and their renowned salad greens. The New Farm supplies fine dining restaurants in Toronto and the Collingwood area and sells in the Creemore Farmers' Market.  The farm has also developed a unique partnership with The Stop Community Food Centre to make their vegetables accessible to low-income Torontonians.

Loic Gourmet
Loic Gourmet is a French-inspired purveyor of take-away dishes for busy individuals and families as well as a full service caterer for corporate lunches, photo shoots, private parties, weddings and special events. Delicious, freshly prepared gourmet food at reasonable prices favoring locally sourced products and presented in environmentally responsible containers.

Warner’s Farm

Warner’s Farm is a family farm, operating since 1920. They produce fresh apples, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, apricots and cider. All products are locally produced in Beamsville, Ont. and can be found on the farm and at Stonegate market, Nathan Phillips Square market, Metro Hall market, SquareOne market, Etobicoke market, Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market in Hamilton, and the Ottawa Farmers’ Market in Lansdowne Park.

Grassroot Organics
Grassroot Organics is a small scale, sustainable, family farm in Woodville, Ont., in the western Kawartha Lakes area practicing old-fashioned mixed agriculture. Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd specialize in pasture raised poultry including heritage breed turkeys, chickens and ducks, as well as market gardening focusing on an assortment of greens, beans and the allium family.  They work closely with the Kawartha Ecological Growers community and can source a large variety of ethically raised produce and proteins. They are at the Brick Works Farmers' Market every Saturday and do weekly restaurant deliveries into Toronto distributing delicious, fresh sustainable food.

Slow Food Toronto
Slow Food Toronto is the Toronto Convivium (chapter) of Slow Food, a non-profit, member-supported organization founded in Italy in 1989 as a response to the effects of fast food culture on our health, economies, traditions, and attitudes. They stand against the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world. SFT is entirely organized and run by volunteers, drawing talent, expertise, and ambition from their members and peers around the city.

Slow Food Toronto is on a mission to change, foster and steward the relationship to food of a city of six million people. Slow Food Toronto believes that access to good, clean, fair food is an irrevocable human right.

Akiwenzie Fish and More

Because the Akiwenzie family fish white fish and lake trout from Georgian Bay like their ancestors did, by hand, and process/smoke their own fish, they can offer fish that was caught the day before; and won’t sell anything older. They have very high standards of quality control for their product. Each step is checked and double checked. The public can find us at the Wychwood Barns Market and Dufferin Grove Market year-round.

Local Dairy Foods

Local Dairy Products is a little-known artisan cheese company Owner Amarjit Singh is a pioneer in the ethnic cheese business. Today they have a significant following in the East-Indian market. With no preservatives. Amarjit’s favourite way to eat his butter is melted on hot roti.

The flavour of Local Dairy butter is at first sweet on the tongue, then salty, with a significant tang at the end, providing a full-flavoured taste sensation. Local Dairy pasteurizes, cultures and ages their local cream in small batches before slowly churning it into butter.

Pristine Gourmet c/o and Persall Fine Foods

Pristine Gourmet c/o and Persall Fine Foods believes in producing and promoting local foods to help bring our communities closer while making the consuming public aware of the profitable benefit to them and the farm. By supporting our local farms you are supporting our individual ecosystems that we each have and that are all so unique. Pristine Gourmet c/o and Persall Fine Foods products are all grown locally and with non-GM seeds through natural and conventional methods. They have a current Environmental Farm Plan as well as an ALLUS project that is helping generate and build our bio diversity.

At Terra Madre Day, Pristine Gourmet c/o and Persall Fine Foods are featuring oils, wine vinegars, soya sauces, cooking wines, pulses and legumes. Their products can be found at retail stores in the GTA as well as used in many fine dining restaurants.

Mycosource Inc./Fun Guy Farms

Mycosource Inc./Fun Guy Farms grows organic wood mushrooms of the highest quality as part of a sustainable, local food system in Ontario. Mycosource/Fun Guy Farms’ wood mushrooms are cultivated on hardwood logs (Shiitake) or on sawdust mixed with organic spelt husks (Oyster mushrooms). Wood mushrooms contain protein and fiber as well as phyto-nutrients that are beneficial to health – various constituents lower cholesterol, stimulate the immune system, and act as anti-oxidants.

Matchbox Garden and Seed Co and Jason Inniss Catering

Matchbox Gardens provides the general public with the plants, seeds and helpful guidance to grow their own food and find places in which they may cultivate lasting relationships with the farmers who feed them.

Their belief is that only through these avenues of taking control of where our food comes from, can we start to have the food security that is a right for all. All of their produce and herbs are selected for their flavour and beauty. Matchbox Garden and Seed Co. use intense, ally and companion planting to enhance flavours, reduce pest and disease, and increase biodiversity within the garden.

Matchbox Garden services Sorauren Farmers Market, Trinity Bellwoods Market, a 60 member CSA, Halton Food For Thought Field to Table Program, TRCA Water Awareness Events and various restaurants in Toronto including Beast and Niagara St Café.

Matchbox Garden and Seed Co is partnering with Jason Inniss Catering for Terra Madre Day.

Mapleton’s Organic

Mapleton’s believes in farming in harmony with nature and producing quality food sourcing the best local, organic, fair trade ingredients possible. They are the only on-farm producers of organic ice cream, frozen yogurt and fresh yogurt in Ontario using the best organic and (where possible) fair trade ingredients available.

Their  products can be found in many health food stores, fine food stores, farmers markets, scooping shops, grocery stores and of course, at our on-farm store.


Forbes Wild Foods

Spice Route

Best Baa Dairy

Hey Meatball!

Table 17

Le Select Bistro featuring YU Ranch Beef

Cherryvale Organic Farm

Frank Restaurant at The Art Gallery of Ontario


Chef School Preserves Ontario – George Brown College

The Cutting Veg

Urban Harvest

Cooper Road CSA

Hidden Meadows Farm

Ontario Land Trust

Slow Food Toronto's Terra Madre Day Local Food Market


Stop by our local food market and connect with a community of conscious eaters. Engage with Ontario’s local food communities and sample delicious local food from a myriad of producers in a family-friendly afternoon. Meet farmers, fishers, cooks and food artisans. Buy ingredients and prepare food for the holiday season.  Learn to make informed food choices.

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