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Power Kids, Summer 2011.

POWER KIDS / Portraits

$4:Members $6:Non-Members (per child)

Inspired by the Malabar People, the dramatic portrait series by Stan Douglas currently on view at The Power Plant, this workshop will explore creative drawing and collage approaches to portraiture. Using various materials and working with a partner, participants will create a portrait melding imagined settings with black-and-white life drawing. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of portraiture such as framing, proportion and setting, as well as basic lighting techniques, and will take turns sitting for a portrait while their partner sketches. The portraits will then be transformed through a mosaic magazine collage technique to create invented backgrounds. Kids will receive their portraits at the end of the workshop and parents are expected to join their children in all activities. Led by artist-educator and Animateur at The Power Plant, Anna Bouzina.

Visual Arts Craft & Design Learning Family Power Plant
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