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This debut Known (Un)Known session features the following artists:

Rochelle Jordan (pictured)
Rochelle Jordan, who Vibe Magazine has dubbed the “female version of Drake,” is blowing up on the blogospshere thanks to her remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” (being lyrically name-checked by Drizzy hasn’t hurt her either). Check out her debut mixtape, ROJO, which samples a diverse number of artists including Kelis and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Shi Wisdom 
Shi’s first official release, Love Speak, and accompanying video created a huge buzz for this budding artist. She recently won a 2011Stylus Award.

88 Days of Fortune
This Toronto-based music and multimedia collective, once described as being an urban Broken Social Scene, is comprised of talented soloists and groups that run the gamut from hip hop and electronic to punk.

At the core, KJ is purely hip hop, but elements of rock, R'n'B and dance music are present as well. Compared to the likes of Common, Andre 3000 and Mos Def, this young man is destined for the hip hop history books. KJ is also a credited recording and mixing engineer. His production is inspired by Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley), Kanye West and many more.

Spek Won
Spek Won first began writing rap lyrics at nine, producing hip hop music at 17, and would later study sound engineering at the Trebas Institute. This young MC/ mixes calculated and humorous turns of phrase with intense, intelligent lyrics. His innovative style, combined with his passion for music, fashion and film, sets Spek Won apart from an industry full of average rappers and hip hop aficionados.

Abstract Random
In just two-and-a-half years, this young Toronto-based group, featuring Jamilah Malika (vocals), LoverSun a.k.a. F.Nocera (producer, vocals, visuals) and Ayo Leilani (vocals), has performed over 300 shows in cities across the country and released five independent music videos. Their latest album is Siren Songs.


The Known (Un)Known with Tika Simone


Co-produced and hosted by Tika Simone (MTV’s The Hills Aftershow, hip pop singer-songwriter), The Known (Un)Known is one of Toronto’s most buzz-worthy, all-ages independent artist events showcasing the urban music stars of tomorrow. Although people recognize Tika from The Hills Aftershow, few know that she started out as a gifted singer and classically trained violinist. Noticing that there wasn't a consistent outlet in the city of Toronto for gifted up-and-coming artists, she took charge. With DJ O-nonymous.

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