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About Testament:
Living by the rhythm of words, power and sound, Matthew Jones, a.k.a. Testament, uses speech to reach deep into the recesses of the mind, illuminating in people the infinite possibilities within.

Being a disciplined wordsmith, Testament has been writing poetry and stories since the age of seven. At 14, he fell in love with hip hop music, lyricism and rhyme construction, leading him to releasing three albums to date. His music, art and determination have brought Testament allover the globe in pursuit of spreading the message of peace, love and unity. Testament has been to Europe, Asia, South and Central America, the Caribbean and parts of the United States. He has performed and taught in many places in Canada, including Nova Scotia, Alberta, Nunavut, Nunivak, British Colombia, Quebec and Ontario.

Testament thrives on instilling passion through experience and education into all his workshops, talks and seminars. Motivational, inspirational, bold and fresh, Testament is sure to fill participants with high energy and challenge their minds and abilities.

With over 11 years of public speaking experience, Testament will certainly please diverse crowds and ages.

P.E.A.C.E. Youth Workshop and Performance featuring Testament


People Everywhere Actually Co-existing Equally (P.E.A.C.E.) is a mission to bring awareness to the power of action in our communities. Identifying with hip hop culture, Jamaican heritage and African roots, our workshop and performances use musical inspiration and sound therapy to generate positive energy and share ideas. As we explore the legacy of black history, our workshop will center on hip hop’s healing properties and capacity to connect with youth and people worldwide. Energetic and interactive, P.E.A.C.E. will change the stereotypes associated with hip hop and foster open discussion around youth empowerment and positive action.

Music Learning
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