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Finder of Lost Children


Maye Richardson quickly arranges a small funeral for the father she has seen only a few times since her mother ran away from his abuse when she was five. The next day, her doorbell rings incessantly. When she opens the door, Angie da Costa introduces herself as her half-sister, apologizes for missing the funeral and explains that she figured they should at least meet. Maye is in utter disbelief.

Finder of Lost Children is the story of two half-sisters that meet for the first time after the funeral of the father neither one of them knew. These reluctant siblings make a road trip to deal with their father’s meager possessions and, in so doing, discover the existence of several other lost brothers and sisters who are unaware of their father’s passing.  The film was screened at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and at CaribbeanTales Film Festival.

Directed by Ricardo Scipio.

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