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The following short films will be featured:

Caribbean Skin, African Identity
The documentary examines the concept of African identity as it has evolved over the generations in Trinidad & Tobago. The director explores her own identity using the Emancipation Day parade and its rituals as a starting point for her journey. Interviews with African-Caribbean and scholars define and explain some of the complexities of race in this society. Directed by Mandisa Patin.

No one gives directions like a Trinidadian. Ask a Trini how to get to a certain place and if he doesn’t know the way, instead of admitting his ignorance, he’ll send you on a roundabout route guaranteed to get you hopelessly lost. In this short dramatization of that endearing and frustrating phenomenon, a number of persons are asked to give directions to a well-known Port of Spain landmark, with unsurprisingly hilarious results. The film received the People’s Choice Award at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. Directed by Renee Pollonais.

Entry Denied
A young Jamaican footballer, from the ghetto of Kingston, is refused a visa to take up a scholarship at a university in the US. Dramatic events and coincidences conspire to take the story to an alternate conclusion. Directed by Christopher Browne.

Now Jimmy!
A short documentary that explores land rights issues. The film follows a riveting and unusual story about the character Jimmy, a squatter who has built his own house out of salvaged materials on prime Jamaican real estate. The film received the Outstanding Documentary from the Caribbean Award by the Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jamerican Film & Music Festival; it was screened at TIFF, it was also chosen by UNESCO to be a part of an international selection of films from around the world for the new Radio-Television Afghanistan. Directed by Mary Wells.

Short Film Screenings


Join us for a series of short films celebrating the richness of Jamaican and Trinidadian cinema.

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